Consulting Services

Intelligent Life Media consults with content creators to help take their projects from idea phase to completion. We offer customized professional services on both an hourly and project basis, depending on your needs. Services offered include:


  • Script development – Making your script production-ready, including story and character assessment, an analysis of anticipated production challenges, and recommendations on how to make the project more efficiently within your given budget.
  • Business plan creation – Developing your customized plan especially designed for venture capitalists, angel investors and other funding sources. Essential elements of your plan will include: executive summary, investor returns highlights, financial term sheet, synopsis and treatment, marketing and distribution strategy, team resumes, market overview, comparable analysis, budget and production schedule, casting plans, and storyboards/artwork. If you already have a business plan, we can advise you on how to improve your plan's content, layout and presentation to enhance its attractiveness with potential investors.
  • Project funding support – Assisting with all aspects of the fundraising process, including: coaching on how to best approach, pitch, and follow-up with investor prospects; qualifying and evaluating potentially interested parties; communicating with investors once they are on board; and managing investor project involvement throughout the process.
  • Budgeting/scheduling – Developing a detailed budget and schedule specific to your project, including a cash flow schedule upon commencement of pre-production through delivery.
  • Project packaging – Packaging your project to enhance its commercial potential with distributors, including: developing an effective synopsis and commercial treatment; advising on existing business plans; creating a compelling press kit to get your project noticed by media, festivals and distributors.
  • Production services – Organizing and managing all aspects of pre-production, production and post-production.
  • Developing/implementing marketing & distribution plans – Developing a marketing plan geared toward specific audiences, creating a customized product placement strategy, identifying and engaging potential sponsors, assisting in your project's festival strategy, identifying and contacting distributors, advising in contract negotiations, and assisting in project delivery.


Contact us to see how we can assist you with your project needs.